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                                                                                       "I Love IT: 100% Italian Style"

Is a unitary project of the Turin Confederation of CNA, Confartigianato and Casartigiani for the promotion and valorisation of craftsmanship in the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy.Love IT, was born in Turin as an exhibition-event within the Esperienza Italia calendar with the support of the Italia 150 Committee and the Turin Chamber of Commerce. "It is a registered trademark created to promote Italian craftsmanship on the national and international market, with the aim of surprising and debunking many clichés on a sector of the Italian economy and often underestimated with respect to its real scope. The small business is, today more than ever, with its own strength but also, sometimes, with its own structural limits, the protagonist of the Italian economy, a true ambassador of a real and quality made in Italy in Italy and in the world, although often without the support of major marketing strategies and commercial brands recognizable by consumers.The company Canetti Roberto by Roberto Canetti is pleased to be present in the I Love IT catalog with one of his creations.


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